My Plan

I think I know how I am going to…

tell T. So I went on Amazon and bought a book of Dad Jokes to give to T. I was going to place my note that I wrote him inside of the amazon package along with one of the positive pregnancy tests and have him open my package… HOWEVER, Amazon decided to postpone my package another day and well I don’t want to hold off anymore.

Then I realized, I HAVE A DAD JOKES BOOK! So this morning I went searching for it and found it in my bookcase. I slipped the note in there for now and hid the book. I’m still waiting for my Amazon package that has Pepper’s handkerchief, but I might just save that to tell my parents and T’s parents.

Anyways, now I’m waiting for the right moment to tell him.. Maybe after I sign off from work? I don’t knoooow. I’m so nervous. WTF.

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