Zion National Park, Utah

T and I both have never went to Zion National Park in Utah, so we decided that this was a perfect opportunity to head out there. We rented a Jeep and drove the 3 or so hours to Zion and stayed there to enjoy the views, hikes, and … Alpacas?

Ok first of all, driving on a freeway pretty darn fast in a Jeep with a soft top is quite nosey and… hard? That thing is not aerodynamic and you can feel all that force against the car. Good thing T drove and not me hahaha

When we got to our hotel, we walked around the property, grabbed some drinks, and sat by the fire and just soaked in such a gorgeous place to be. It was just so quiet and serene that I didn’t want to leave !! I wish we stayed longer than we did.

Even just driving into Zion was beautiful. At one point we were driving through the canyons !! The elevation was pretty high up and there were barely any guard railings. It seemed as if a lot of the people there are experienced Zion goers as they were driving up the canyon as if it was nothing. Again, good thing T was driving cause that was not for me.

Ok, seriously tho, looking through these pictures makes me want to go back to Zion soon. Need to plan this again haha

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