The Marshall Store – Marshall, CA | The Haven at Tomales (Wedding Venue)

T and I were headed to the North Bay to look at some wedding venues for our big wedding (that has now been pushed back to 2022 – boooohooooo). Anyways, we checked out another potential wedding venue before heading to get some oysters !!

I few years back my girls and I went to Tomales Bay for some oysters and had a great time BBQing them that I wanted to go back, but since we didn’t have the time to BBQ, we decided to just order some and enjoy looking out to Tomales Bay.

T ordered the Fish Tacos (local rock cod, corn tortillas, chiptole aioli, lime slaw, tomatillo salsa) and a Pliny. He enjoyed his tacos a lot, and I will agree, they were super tasty. I ordered Smoked Oysters (served on a crostini w/ Fromage Blanc, chipotle aioli, and chives); Kilpatrick Oysters (cooked w/ garlic butter, Worcestershire, bacon, parsley); and a Michelada. The oysters were soooo good, but if I had to choose between the two, I would choose the Kilpatrick… the garlic butter with the garlic bread. SOOOO GOOOOOD !! The smoked oysters had a unique taste that I really digged. T on the other hand wasn’t a huge fan.

After we had our snack, we headed down the road some more to The Haven. Let me tell you guys. This place was BEAUTIFUL. If money was not an option, I would book this venue in a heartbeat. Because it is one of the more expensive venues we toured, I’ll have to put this one off…. for now. The barn is what did it for me. I just loved it so much. It was just a very quiet/ peaceful and romantic place. Driving there sucked and there is absolutely no reception out there, which would be an issue for all of our friends and family driving in.

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