Can I please tell you about this Fried Chicken Sandwich??

I never thought I would say this but… I loved this $18 Fried Chicken Sandwich, and I will drive the 1.5 hours again for it.

I know… I know… those are some bold words to be saying. But it’s true !! ANDDDD I’m not the biggest chicken sandwich person, but lately. I don’t know man. There’s something about a bombs chicken sandwich that will just do it for me. THIS ONE DID.

Ok I know what you’re probably thinking. Really, Glo? You drove 1.5 hours to go there? Uhm, well. Technically, T did haha. If you ask him, he wouldn’t drive there for it just because he can’t justify spending $18 for a sandwich, plus tip, gas, and time. Also, the person helping with the to-go orders was so RUDE. Anyways, I would still go back.

Now where was this sandwich? Ad Hoc + Addendum in Yountville. I placed the order online the night before and then T and I headed there during the day. I promised him he could stop by V. Sattui to pick up more Chardonnay cause we killed the 6 bottles of the Chard we had stocked up, so we had to replenish.

Anyways, back to this chicken sandwich. After picking up our order (curb-side) we found a parking space and went to town. The bread was on this airy brioche bun that provided a nice pillow for the crispy buttermilk fried chicken. The chicken was moist, and crunchy. OMG that CRUNCH. Perfectly seasoned and battered. The aioli and pickles. GAHHHHH. HEAVEN IN MY MOUTH. We also ordered a small bucket of fried chicken. THE ROSEMARY ON THE CHICKEN IS A GAME CHANGER. Also, we had the chicken for breakfast the next morning. Stuck it in the oven at 425 degrees for 7 minutes. CRISPY AF. MOIST AF. BOMB AF. I want to go back right meow.

PS. Don’t bother getting the cocktails to go. They’re not great.

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