Don’t you just love how refreshing mint it?

Sooo brushing my teeth makes me want to gag. Like the taste of peppermint or anything minty is absolutely disgusting to me right now. Every morning I am fighting back the urge to throw up when I am brushing my teeth. At night it is not as bad. I wonder how long this is going to last…

Also, I have been getting the worse migraines. Maybe I’m just not used to them anymore, since my last migraine was over a year ago? But my migraine was triggered on Monday and has pretty much lasted until today. I still feel the pressure behind my left eye, but it’s not as bad as the past couple days. I even had to call out of work Wednesday and Thursday because my head hurt sooo much and looking at the screen literally made me nauseous. I was doing some research and I found out migraines can be a frequent thing in the first trimester, so that’s something to look forward to.. NOT.

Also, according to my What to Expect app, Baby J is as big as an orange seed. That’s so tiny !! I just think this is so crazy.

I’m pretty excited in two weeks for my in-office appointment. I really hope everything goes well. I completely forgot to mention to my doctor that my mom actually had a miscarriage at 4 months when she was 36. This was her 2nd pregnancy (after me). So when I was talking to her yesterday about babies and she was telling me about it of course I got worried. I’m such a worrisome and anxious person that this whole waiting game is a bit too much. I’ve known not for less than 2 weeks and I already feel like everything is crashing and burning. So many what-ifs and I know I need to stop and just take a step back and relax. WOOOOOSAH. Everything is going to be OK.

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