Apparently anything over 160

beats per minute (BPM) is good and little BB’s BPM was 164. Today I had my first prenatal appointment. I ended up going by myself because of the whole COVID thing, they’re really strict about who can come into the buildings and they’re limiting it to only the patient. I completed a little quick questionnaire when I got there and they gave me a cup to pee in (which I couldn’t pee right away since I peed before I left for my appointment).

My appointment started with my ultrasound which was nerve-racking at first. Not going to lie, I was scared they would notice something wrong, but nope !! BB is looking fine. It looks like a duck haha. BB has a strong heartbeat so far with 164 bpm. They have me down at about 8 weeks along, so I’m due in April 2021. Great. Confirmed. April Baby haha. But from what they were able to see, BB looks fine !!

We went over my options for genetic screening, which will happen sometime next month. We also went through what my different appointments will look like and scheduled my next 2 appointments. My OBGYN is also referring me to High Risk OB because of my ulcerative colitis and since I am still treating it.

Doesn’t BB look like a duck though?? But seeing these photos are just crazy to me. Like fuck. THAT’S IN MY UTERUS. I AM GOING TO HAVE A BABY. What the actual FUCK.

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