Donation? or Promotion?

How Tragic!

Sooo we decided to tell the parental. We scheduled to tell them on September 27th, but of course, we couldn’t wait. Taylor only saw his parents twice since we found out and he had a difficult time. You know how hard it was to not tell my parents and we see them EVERYDAY? Well we ended up telling both sets of parents this past weekend. I was able to capture my parents’ reactions; however, we didn’t capture Taylor’s parents’.

So for my parents we used a scarf on Pepper that read “Promoted to Big Sister” and as you can tell, she is VERY EXCITED!

So we sent Pepper out to show my parents her new scarf. When she came out my mom tried to read it and read it as “Donation” hahaha wtf?? Then she thought it said “Promotion” but then went back to whatever she was doing in the kitchen! I was like “Do you not get it?” haha anyways, catch their reaction down below!

I thought their reaction was hilarious. Definitely caught them off guard, but then again I always tell them I’m not going to have kids sooo they were not expecting that. Also, I always tease them about getting a new dog… but they should know by now that if I was to get a new dog, I would’ve just showed up with a dog… just saying.

Anyways, with my in-laws, we ended up changing out a label for a bottle of wine and brought it over their house. I was sitting next to his mom on the couch and T hands his mom the bottle and she reads it, pauses, reads it out load “Grandparents… Baby Johnson…,” looks back at me, stands up, and goes “ARE YOU GUYS PREGNANT???” I know that they’ve been hinting at it… My MIL not so much, but my FIL asks every time we see them. Actually, he randomly texts T asking when we’re having a baby. It’s so weird haha

This weekend we tell Alex and I hope I can get her reaction!

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