19 Weeks and Anatomy Scan.

Almost half way there… why is that so exciting and terrifying at the same time?

As I type this, we have 20 weeks and 4 days left to go… yet he might come sooner. I’ll get to that in a second. Anyways, around half-way through your pregnancy you would typically have the Anatomy Scan, which is a more in-depth ultrasound where you not only learn the gender of your baby, but also have some measurements taken.

My sonographer was actually really sweet. She was very interactive and was very thorough and explained everything that she was doing, which was great! I’ve heard from other people how their sonographer wasn’t as nice and therefore did not have a pleasant experience – which sucks being that this is meant to be a great moment in your pregnancy.

Anyways, during my ultrasound my sonographer showed me his little face and I got to make out his little nose and his mouth. I have a feeling he’s going to have my lips – uh oh haha. We’re trying to figure out whose nose he will have since T had a cute little button nose when he was a baby haha. I’m a bit bummed we couldn’t get a picture of his nose and mouth cause he kept opening and closing his mouth haha – I wonder what he’s doing in there. My sister says he’s just drinking his pee. Fun Fact: babies pee in your belly around every 30 minutes (she’s a sonographer and specializes in OBGYN and RVT). My sonographer asked me if I was sure I calculated the first day of my last period correctly (which I told her I am 100% certain because I’ve been tracking all my periods for the past 8 years haha). Well, she then tells me BB is looking a bit larger… like 2 weeks larger. After she was done scanning me I got to speak with my high risk OB and she, too, asked me if my last menstrual date is correct. She says we’ll keep my due date as is for now, but we will have to do another ultrasound in 9 weeks to see how he’s developing and see if we may need to change my due date to 2 week ahead of schedule. From the looks of everything, BB is looking happy and healthy and that is all I can really ask for.

Can I just say… this is crazy. I can’t believe we’re having a BABY. It has hit me and at the same time it hasn’t. Maybe when I start getting bigger.. or once we have a name picked out.. or when we start getting him stuff like a crib or stroller.. or when I start feeling him move since he’s super active. Honestly, I lay in bed sometimes thinking “Is that gas or is that BB moving?” I like to think I can actually feel him haha – so I’ll claim it’s BB haha.

I’ll try to provide more updates.. maybe even quick weekly bumpdates !!

One thought on “19 Weeks and Anatomy Scan.

  1. Tums never gave us a good pic, she would hide behind the palcenta EVERY SINGLE SCAN. They estimated her due date to be the second week of April but she ended up coming at the end of March. It’s unreal to know you’re gonna give birth super soon but when he gets here you’ll wonder how you ever lived life without him!


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