Flips & Kicks.

Apparently you can start feeling baby move around 16 weeks according to some moms out there. My cousin told me she was feeling her baby move pretty early and I was kinda bummed cause I couldn’t feel BB.

I kept reading blog posts and articles and reading on my various apps on fetal movement. Many people kept referring it to “fluttering” or the feeling of gas. Now let me tell you, after going through my ulcerative colitis flare last year, I am pretty in-tune with my abdomen. The moment something feels “different” I am on high-alert. What was that !? Am I about to shit myself !? Am I flaring !? I need to submit a stool sample ASAP !! So the moment I started feeling “fluttering” I was like “that’s gas… right??”

No, bitch. That’s BB !!

Knowing now that all this movement I feel is the baby and not my bowels fucking with me is so relieving in so many levels:

1. I’m not flaring (Thank Goodness)

2. BB is moving – which I am going to assume he’s a happy baby

Anyways, the past two weeks this boy has been moving and grooving. He’s bouncing all over the place, which is great, but at the same time it still gives me anxiety cause my first thought it “UC!” and then it goes to “Wait, that’s BB” and then immediately to “Fuck, when he’s bigger he’s going to keeping and hitting everything” and then finally “He’s going to make me shit myself.”

Yesterday while T and I were laying in bed watching a movie, I was placing my hand on my lower abdomen and sure enough I felt him from the outside so I made T sit up and asked him to place his hand where my hand was and to apply a little pressure. He was sitting there just waiting and then BB just gave him a little jab and the look on T’s face. Priceless. Literally made my eyes gloss over. He was so shocked just because he didn’t think it was going to be as hard of a “kick.” His face reminded me of when I told him I was pregnant. Jaw dropped an everything. Then BB hit him again.

I just think it’s super exciting now that T can actually feel him. It’s been hard going to my appointments by myself because he doesn’t get to experience listening to the heartbeat or watching the ultrasounds and being able to ask the doctor any questions. I have to relay everything to him and it really isn’t the same. Even showing him the ultrasounds it’s nice, but I can tell there was some kind of disconnect. But yesterday, having T feel the baby move, I can tell that made a huge difference to him. So I’m glad that moving forward he will get more of that.

20 weeks down, 20 weeks left to go !!

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