Matanzas Creek Winery // Lavender Field // Family Photos

So I completely disappeared for a year and now here I am posting pictures from our recent drive up to Santa Rosa’s Matanzas Creek Winery where they have this beautiful lavender field.

The drive to Santa Rosa from the East Bay took about an hour and a half. It was a Saturday morning so there wasn’t any traffic, but the weather in the Bay Area was a bit overcast and it did sprinkle a bit so people were driving slower than usually. After the Santa Rosa bridge, there were cops everywhere. We saw a bunch of people get pulled over – but granted it was also a holiday weekend so it made sense.

Anyways, when we got to Matanzas Creek it was pretty overcast still. We met with our photographer Iann Ivy who did our maternity shoot and our winter family photos (I’ll post those a different time). I love Iann’s work. SHE IS AMAZING! So it was a no brainer when she said she was having mini shoots at Matanzas. Since we met her at 10am, the lavender field was not busy so it was perfect for our pictures.

Now let me tell you… there are a ton of bees and bumble bees – which is amazing!… but for someone who is afraid of bugs especially ones that fly, I was lightly freaking out internally. Of course, Pepper wanted to try to eat them -_-

They also had these cute little benches around the fields, which made for great photo opportunities.

Near the parking lot for the lavender field they even had a few olive trees and I thought the overcast sky and the green of the trees made a wonderful backdrop (thank you, Iann, for suggesting it!)

Since we drove all that was for the photoshoot, I made reservations in advance for a picnic at Matanzas Creek. For $50, you have a table reserved for 2 hours on a weekend, and when you get there, you will have to buy a bottle of wine. I ended up getting the 2019 Bennett Valley Chardonnay and a 2016 Merlot. For the life of me I cannot remember which 2016 Merlot it was, but man oh man… it was DELISH (and I’m not huge on Merlot).

By the time we got our picnic table, wine, and our picnic basket out of the car the sun was out. We brought some sandwiches, which I should’ve taken pictures of cause they were pretty damn tasty. It was rosemary focaccia with garlic and herb cheese, olive tapenade, arugula, soppressata, salami, prosciutto, and burrata. Ryan had pinwheel sandwiches.

Overall, we had an amazing time at Matanzas Creek and with Iann. If you ever need a photographer, I highly highly HIGHLY recommend Iann! She is so talented and just a wonderful person to be around.

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