Oakland Zoo

I know BB is still a baby (or rather now he’s a toddler), but T and I want him to experience more things than get toys and what not.

T had mentioned going to the Oakland Zoo. For the 30 something years I’ve been around, I have never been to the Oakland Zoo – and it’s literally like 30 minutes away. So when BB was around 2 months we decided to take him there. Since this was during the pandemic, we bought our tickets in advance and picked out the date and time we wanted to go. We picked sometime in the later afternoon as our sleep schedule was all weird at the time. The time slot we chose was actually perfect as the zoo wasn’t busy.

Not going to lie, the Oakland Zoo surprised me. I thought it would be small and really sad looking, but I really enjoyed my time there. I mean, it’s no San Diego Zoo, but being right in our own backyard was nice. Definitely a place we would continue to bring BB.

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