California Academy of Sciences

When I was younger (like 10-17 years ago) going to the Academy of Sciences was something I thoroughly enjoyed. I loved the aquarium part and just being in San Francisco was a lot of fun.

Plus, who doesn’t like looking at aquariums !? Anyways, it was another place we decided to take Ryan. Just like the zoo, we had to buy our tickets in advance and select the time frame wanted to enter.

It has been YEARS since I last went there and it was kind of a nostalgic feeling going back. A lot of it remained the same, which I enjoyed.

One thing we did realize that was the Academy of Sciences was probably not ideal for a 2 month old. BB just didn’t really seem to care about anything we saw. Not the fish. Not the insects. Not even the birds. Definitely somewhere to take him when he’s a bit older and can be more interactive.

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