V Sattui – Napa

So what do you do when you’re still on maternity leave, but want to leave the house for a bit? Go wine tasting – of course!

I’ve been to V Sattui numerous times, but T and I went during our little minimoon and we absolutely loved their chardonnay. During the pandemic, we would just drive up to Napa to grab a few bottles – one for drinking on site on one of their picnic tables and then the rest for home. Well, this time we decided to do a tasting cause why not !?

V Sattui is such a fun and wonderful property. I love going to their deli and grabbing some snacks, some wine, and sitting outside and getting full and happy. Their artichoke dip IS THE ONE. Like seriously don’t even hesitate. GET IT !! While you are at it get Crostini Tuscan Crackers. I am literally drooling thinking of that combo.

V Sattui is also family friendly and dog friendly !! Another win !! BB was allowed to sit with us during our tasting, as well as come inside the shop.

Anyways – we decided to go to V Sattui and do their Premier Outdoor Tasting, which is $50/pp and you get 5 tastings from their list of wine offerings. 5 tastings doesn’t sound like much, but when you haven’t had much alcohol since being pregnant and attempting to breastfeed, I got pretty tipsy fast. We ended up spending waaaayyyy too much and bought a LOT of wine. BB was with us (of course) and he did pretty well considering it was his longest car ride (so far) and we did not have a tight sleeping schedule yet.

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