Monterey Bay Aquarium

I personally like going to aquariums. There’s something about looking at the different water creatures I find fascinating. Maybe it’s because I am afraid of the ocean/large bodies of water. But I just find it relaxing almost… and then it makes me think of the ocean and I immediately get creeped out.

We decided to go as a whole family (parents + my sister and her husband) to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was nice to go back there – T and I spent our one-year anniversary at Monterey. It was a bit of a drive and of course the day we went the aquarium was BUSY. During the pandemic, the aquarium required advance ticket reservations with a certain entrance time. Later I found out that they had ticket sales of 550 tickets per every 30 minutes, which is a TON !! Masks were required at that time, but it was still pretty nerve wrecking to be there in July 2021.

Whenever we do go there, I do love seeing that room with the large group of anchovies swimming in that circle. I like looking for the stragglers that go the opposite way. I also loooove seeing the jellyfish. The Open Sea exhibit is pretty cool (sometimes I like watching the Live Feed of the Open Sea). The penguins are also a must. But most of all – the sea otters !! They are just adorable. I love watching them play.

Going to Monterey Bay Aquarium with a 3 month old was a bit challenging – especially during a pandemic. Some exhibits were more crowded than others so we didn’t stay and looked at certain animals for long. For the most part people did try to maintain a good distance. Going with a stroller was difficult as there wasn’t much space or we would have to navigate using the elevators. Some exhibits did not allow a stroller so we had to park it off to the side. I do recommend bringing a baby carrier, which helped a LOT. BB was (and still is) not a small baby. He’s pretty big and has maintained being in 99th percentile so carrying him is a bit challenging especially for an extended period of time. We brought our Wildbird Co. Sling carrier with us. It was easy for me to put him in and he ended up falling asleep in the carrier as I walked through the Kelp Forest exhibit.

Now that BB is 15 months and semi-walking (he can walk – he just needs the confidence to do it) and he’s alert to his surroundings and very interactive I think we need another trip to the Aquarium soon.

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