Napa Valley // Clos Pegase // Rombauer

Another day another wine tasting. I don’t know when we became such big wine drinkers, but I feel like we’re always trying to go wine tasting now. Who are we??? Since T and I are always going to Napa, we decided to invite my in laws along for a day of wine tasting.

Now, the day we went the weather was not ideal. It was raining and that meant it was traffic, but eventually we made it to Napa – it just took over 2 hours. Of course, we had to stop by The Model Bakery for some delicious English Muffins and breakfast sandwiches. We always go to the Mini Model in Yountville. It’s a walkup window which is super convenient. It can get pretty busy, but luckily the last few times we went it wasn’t terrible. I always order the Original Breakfast Sandwich, which is the English muffin with scrambled eggs, Canadian bacon and organic sharp cheddar. Soooo tasty !!

As soon as we got our brekkie, we jetted over to Clos Pegase for our S’mores and Wine Tasting !! When we got there, they sat us at our little “cabana” which had a nice warm fire in the middle and seats all around. The view from our cabana was wonderful. We were given our s’more making stuff (graham crackers, cinnamon gourmet marshmallows, Hershey bars, and roasting sticks). S’mores are always so messy to make, but we were having a great time drinking our wines and chatting. The one thing that we didn’t enjoy was the person tending to us and a few tables. Besides the fact that she was really busy and didn’t really tend to all of her tables all that great, she was coughing up a lung and sniffling every 10 seconds. Uhhhh not something we wanted to be around given the fact it was still pandemic times (October 2021) and it was flu season. Like c’mon now. Be better. I was planning on buying a bottle, but she took foreverrrrrr that I covered the bill and we all left to go grab lunch.

After Clos Pegase, we headed to lunch at Calistoga Inn. To be completely honest, I don’t remember much from lunch. I just remember sitting down at our table in the patio. I did get a pizza. I don’t remember it so it probably wasn’t too memorable. We walked around the area after before we headed to our next spot.

Rombauer has such a pretty property. I love the little wine cave at the bottom of the steps. The view there is also wonderful. We decided to reserve a table and just get two bottle to enjoy on property – we chose a Cab and a Chardonnay. The weather was pretty bad when we were seated at our table, but thank goodness for the umbrella because it was coming down with the rain.

Before heading home, we stopped by V Sattui as per usual to grab a few wines to take home.

I love finding new places that are family friendly. I mean granted I never thought about it until after we had BB, but its great to know that we are still able to do things that we enjoy doing and get to bring him along. I love having him around that I don’t like leaving him if I don’t have to. There are times T and I will go out without him, but he’s usually asleep for a nap or at night and my parents are watching him. Other than that we try to bring him wherever we go. It’s not that we don’t trust anyone, we just love his company. He’s such a fun baby (when he’s not having a meltdown), but even when he’s fussy I’d rather have him with me and I deal with it than have him be fussy with other people.

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