Joan’s Farm & Pumpkin Patch – Livermore, CA

I told myself that since BB is a wee baby, he does not need to go to the pumpkin patch – it would be a waste of time and we wouldn’t even get a pumpkin. Well, I started seeing everyone post their pictures of their little babies at the pumpkin patch just looking cute and I was like “Dang… I want a cute picture of BB at one.” Soooo to Yelp I went !!

And somehow I came across Joan’s Farm & Pumpkin Patch in Livermore. We went on the 30th and I kept thinking “Mannn there won’t be any pumpkins left” and I was totally wrong !! Surprisingly there was a good amount of pumpkins left.

We found a cool little spot in the shade next to a tree that provided a great spot for photos that we parked ourselves there and took a few photos before we explored the rest of the farm.

Joan’s Farm and Pumpkin Patch had a ton of things to do there. After we found our pumpkin, we explored the property. They had a snack shack that had hot dogs, pumpkin pie, nachos, and stuff to drink (water and soda). We didn’t get anything to eat while we were there. There were some farm animals that we were able to buy food and feed. We just walked by them and looked. The goats were all cute. Apparently the farm offered a bunch of other things like a hay bale maze, pumpkin bowling, a large inflatable slide, and you could ride a little train. We even saw a little girl have a birthday party by the picnic benches. One thing I did notice is that their website and the property had signs that said “No Dogs Allowed” yet we saw a bunch of dogs and no one said anything. I still wouldn’t take the risk of taking Pepper and being told she can come in and having to leave. Plus, I’m not much of a rule breaker these days LOL.

It was definitely a fun little surprise and we hope to make it a yearly tradition with BB. Maybe this year he can pick out his own pumpkin.

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