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Big Bottom Market.

Here is a post that I started to write the week that we came back from AutoCamp, which was a month ago. And by “started to write” I meant I wrote the title of this post, hit save and closed it. I have the case of the lazies. […]


While on our way to Guerneville and hitting some traffic, we decided to stop by Lagunitas to stretch out our legs and grab a beer. Plus, they have a dog-friendly patio so sign us up! The front patio when you first walk in is self-seating so we found […]

The Press.

My sister and Jeff scheduled a couple of wedding venue tours since they were in town. We had a couple of appointments booked on Friday, and we had some time between our 1st stop and 2nd, so we stopped by The Press in Pleasanton to grab some brunch. […]


I won’t say that I am not a camping person because to be quite honest, I’ve never been camping. 6th grade science camp and all those retreats I’ve done in the middle of no where do not count as camping. I’ve never slept in a sleeping bag in […]

Little Yosemite.

President’s Day was a nice chilly, but sunny day. We decided to go on a hike and tire out little Miss Pepper. We originally had Mission Peak on our agenda, but when we got there (a little before 11am) the parking area and surrounding streets were PACKED, so […]

Pepper & The Hotel.

Pepper was such a great dog staying at her first hotel. We stayed at the Residence Inn in Roseville. They had a $150.00 pet cleaning fee. I personally thought it was a bit much, but being that she is a puppy, we didn’t know what to expect. She […]

The Counter.

01.26.18 – After we took Pepper to the dog park, we decided to eat. We ended up at The Counter because they had a patio where dogs were allowed. We ordered the HH Loaded Tots, Fried Pickles, Beer, an adult shake, and sandwiches each.