The Black Tux

For T’s outfit for our civil ceremony, we decided to rent out a tux. I did not want to go through Men’s Wearhouse so I Googled another tux rental company and came across The Black Tux. I thought they had a great concept, OK price, and what made us decide to book it was…

… and you were saying …

Stitch Fix.

Background story: T was on Facebook a couple of months back, and somehow got suckered into signing up to Thread Beast. He figured it was a good way to get new clothing without having to go to the store. There was a deal going on that if he signed up, then he would get 50% off his first box. He figured he could cancel at anytime and it’ll most likely be a one-time thing. Anyways, he receives his first box and everything was from Diamond and Grizzly. Basically, everything was super flashy for him and he disliked everything he received … Continue reading Stitch Fix.

Mom Jeans.

Yo, I love my Mom Jeans (but not as much as I love this dude right here). Me: “Babe, do you like my Mom Jeans?” T: “Yeah! Does the waist band stretch too?” Me: “They’re Mom Jeans… not maternity pants!” These are by far my favorite jeans that I currently own. I bought them from Urban Outfitters. They are the BDG Mom Jeans! I think they are the perfect Mom Jeans and everyone should own a pair. Continue reading Mom Jeans.