Nature’s Microcreamery and Soul Cafe.

I came across Nature's while, you guessed it, browsing through Yelp. I needed a way to convince T to come with me because Avocado Toast doesn't really appeal to him. After grabbing sushi with my sister, I was craving something sweet, and what better way to fulfill that craving than with ICE CREAM! We found … Continue reading Nature’s Microcreamery and Soul Cafe.


Papasan Rolls and Bowls.

Papasan is a small Japanese restaurant that was a block away from my old apartment. I had this horrible cough and cold the other day, so I though a nice bowl of ramen would help. Also, I've been craving tofu recently, so I needed to fulfill that itch. I sat down in one of their … Continue reading Papasan Rolls and Bowls.

Tuts Cafe and Bakery.

Tuts Cafe and Bakery is down the street from my office. I've stopped by once for coffee and a pastry when they first opened up. From memory, I remembered that I thoroughly enjoyed their almond croissant, so for lunch I decided to stop by. Of course, I stalked their Yelp to see what other people … Continue reading Tuts Cafe and Bakery.

Forthright Oyster Bar & Kitchen.

  So I've been craving oysters for a while. There are not many places in our area where we can get oysters, so we decide to venture out to Campbell and check out Forthright Oyster Bar & Kitchen. They have Happy Hour from 2pm - 5:30pm on Sundays, which include $1.50 oysters! We arrived a … Continue reading Forthright Oyster Bar & Kitchen.