One thing that I’ve noticed is that people don’t really talk about the bad, ugly, and negatives about pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. From my experience, most of my friends and family members told me how they miss being pregnant and how wonderful it was. I did not enjoy being pregnant.

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Maternity Shoot | 34 Weeks Pregnant

T and I decided to have a maternity shoot to commemorate our first born. We didn’t get to really celebrate BB and becoming parents because of the pandemic, so we wanted something to look back on and thought capturing the moment would be a great idea. I came across Iann from instagram and I am so happy we booked her. She is such an amazing photographer. She not only made us feel comfortable, but she has such a natural eye for what works and what doesn’t for her clients.

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Story Time.

Monday happened to be Veterans Day, and as previously mentioned in my previous post, Veterans Day is a free day at Yosemite, so the park was packed with people. I wanted to take some pretty pictures, but it was really hard to find a place that wasn’t swarming with people. T found a pretty field that wasn’t crowded, but I gave him a hard time about stopping there because dogs were not allowed (we had Pepper with us) and it was not part of our itinerary. Well, T got his way and we got out of our car to explore.

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Back to the ER.

Guess who made their 2nd appearance to the ER this year. This girl! But you wouldn’t even guess what it was for. So, I just got out if the shower and it was a “wash my hair” day, so as soon as I got out if shower I started drying my hair off with the towel and BAM! I just felt this sharp pain near my right shoulder blade. The pain came out of no where and literally felt like I had the air knocked out off me.

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