Story Time.

Monday happened to be Veterans Day, and as previously mentioned in my previous post, Veterans Day is a free day at Yosemite, so the park was packed with people. I wanted to take some pretty pictures, but it was really hard to find a place that wasn’t swarming with people. T found a pretty field that wasn’t crowded, but I gave him a hard time about stopping there because dogs were not allowed (we had Pepper with us) and it was not part of our itinerary. Well, T got his way and we got out of our car to explore.

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Back to the ER.

Guess who made their 2nd appearance to the ER this year. This girl! But you wouldn’t even guess what it was for. So, I just got out if the shower and it was a “wash my hair” day, so as soon as I got out if shower I started drying my hair off with the towel and BAM! I just felt this sharp pain near my right shoulder blade. The pain came out of no where and literally felt like I had the air knocked out off me.

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