Pepper Gets a Mani Pedi.

Little Miss Pepper was sounding like a tap dancer on the hardwood floors so we knew it was time to get her nails clipped. Being that her nails are black, I did not want to risk it and cut them on my own, so we decided to go to Pet Food Express on Sunday since VIP … Continue reading Pepper Gets a Mani Pedi.


Pepper Update.

Pepper is nearing 6.5-7 months old (we think). When we adopted her on January 15th, the rescue had her at about 5 months old. She's constantly growing and she has such a personality. So here are her highlights: Measurements Weight: 31.8 lbs Neck: 14" Chest: 22" Ears to Base of tail: 25" Chest to floor: … Continue reading Pepper Update.

Standard Deviant.

We were supposed to go to the Dumpling Down festival in San Francisco; however, when we pulled up to the place, there was a massive line just to get inside. We decided to look for another dog friendly alternative and ended up at Standard Deviant Brewing. We were lucky enough to find street parking right … Continue reading Standard Deviant.

Little Yosemite.

President's Day was a nice chilly, but sunny day. We decided to go on a hike and tire out little Miss Pepper. We originally had Mission Peak on our agenda, but when we got there (a little before 11am) the parking area and surrounding streets were PACKED, so we decided to go to Sunol Regional Wilderness … Continue reading Little Yosemite.

Nature’s Microcreamery and Soul Cafe.

I came across Nature's while, you guessed it, browsing through Yelp. I needed a way to convince T to come with me because Avocado Toast doesn't really appeal to him. After grabbing sushi with my sister, I was craving something sweet, and what better way to fulfill that craving than with ICE CREAM! We found … Continue reading Nature’s Microcreamery and Soul Cafe.

Pepper’s 1st Full Day.

01.16.18 - Amazingly, Pepper slept through the night after we moved to the bed. When we took her out in the morning, she was still having a hard time going potty outdoors, so puppy pads it is! We started the day off with a nice bath, which she actually did not enjoy. After her bath, … Continue reading Pepper’s 1st Full Day.