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Pepper Update.

Pepper is nearing 6.5-7 months old (we think). When we adopted her on January 15th, the rescue had her at about 5 months old. She’s constantly growing and she has such a personality. So here are her highlights: Measurements Weight: 31.8 lbs Neck: 14″ Chest: 22″ Ears to […]

Standard Deviant.

We were supposed to go to the Dumpling Down festival in San Francisco; however, when we pulled up to the place, there was a massive line just to get inside. We decided to look for another dog friendly alternative and ended up at Standard Deviant Brewing. We were […]

Little Yosemite.

President’s Day was a nice chilly, but sunny day. We decided to go on a hike and tire out little Miss Pepper. We originally had Mission Peak on our agenda, but when we got there (a little before 11am) the parking area and surrounding streets were PACKED, so […]

Pepper Update.

Photo on the left was taken on February 10, 2018. Photo on the right was taken on January 15, 2018 when we were leaving SFO the day we adopted her at 5 months old. She’s been growing about 2 lbs and an inch a week. She needs to […]

Car Rides.

Even though she is in the car often (at least 3 roundtrips a week) she is not a fan. Typically she sits on someone’s lap, but since we went to the vet without T, she got to sit up front by herself. *Note to Self* Pepper is not […]

Pepper update.

01.25.18 – Pepper has been growing about an inch and 2 lbs every 4 days. Next thing you know she’s going to be as tall as me when she stands on her hind legs. She’s getting better on being on a leash, but she’s still super skittish. She’s […]