How is that in the 32 years of existence I have never been to Yosemite? But then again, I haven’t really been a nature person until I started dating T. Anyways, Yosemite is only 3 hours away from the East Bay, soooo why not explore !? The first day we went to Yosemite was on Veterans Day, which happens to be a Free Day at Yosemite, which means we save $35, but there’s a ton of people EVERYWHERE so beware!

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Pepper update.

01.25.18 – Pepper has been growing about an inch and 2 lbs every 4 days. Next thing you know she’s going to be as tall as me when she stands on her hind legs. She’s getting better on being on a leash, but she’s still super skittish. She’s still scared of  almost everything. Hear a plane flying above you? Bet she’s going to try to run back to the apartment. A dog approaches her in the dog park? Runs to T or I. HOWEVER, she’s still loving and just wants to cuddle. She waits for me to wake up in … Continue reading Pepper update.