King Size.

Pepper likes to lay in the middle of our king-sized bed. Even as a puppy, she takes up a lot of space. She even insists of making her way in between T and I at night. Continue reading King Size.

Pepper update.

01.25.18 – Pepper has been growing about an inch and 2 lbs every 4 days. Next thing you know she’s going to be as tall as me when she stands on her hind legs. She’s getting better on being on a leash, but she’s still super skittish. She’s still scared of  almost everything. Hear a plane flying above you? Bet she’s going to try to run back to the apartment. A dog approaches her in the dog park? Runs to T or I. HOWEVER, she’s still loving and just wants to cuddle. She waits for me to wake up in … Continue reading Pepper update.



Just in a matter of days, we lost her. Those 4 days were the longest and hardest days of my life. One day she was her perky senile self. And then things turned for the worst.

Wednesday the 13th seemed like any other day. I got off work and I went home and picked up Pookie so we could run some errands together. We drove to my Aunt’s house to pick up the mail and she was standing up on her chair barking at anything through the Continue reading “12.17.17”