Vegas: Day 4 – Hakkasan.

01.20.18 – Over the holidays my cousin’s GF won a VIP package at Hakkasan, and since they’re not big on clubbing, they offered their package to us when we were in town. Since T has NEVER been to a club before, we decided we should go! For his first club experience, T got to go to a Las Vegas club and bottle service. He’s now spoiled and won’t go to a club any other way (good thing we’re not big on clubbing haha). Continue reading Vegas: Day 4 – Hakkasan.

Vegas: Day 4 – Red Rock Canyon.

01.20.18 – Surprisingly, I’ve never been to Red Rock Canyon until this recent trip to Vegas and I’m glad we were able to check it out! My sister lives about 20 minutes from it, so it was a super easy drive to get to it. When we left her neck of the woods, it was a bit chilly, but the sun was out. As soon as we hit the Red Rock area, the weather was cloudy and freezing! When we were entering the conservation park, it started to hail and then SNOW! The entrance fee to the place was $7.00 … Continue reading Vegas: Day 4 – Red Rock Canyon.