Jamaica – Day 1 // Moon Palace Jamaica

First of all, I hate flying. Most people know this about me already. Let's just say I had a panic attack on a short flight to Vegas for my 24th birthday and since then it's been no bueno for me. I'm just terrified. The fact that flying to Jamaica was going to mean experiencing another … Continue reading Jamaica – Day 1 // Moon Palace Jamaica


Hawaii – Day 5 // Heavenly, Ho’omaluhia Botanical Gardens

I have no idea why we got up sooo early on our last day, but we did. We were packed and ready to go that we had a bunch of time to kill before our flights. Our first stop of the day was Heavenly. This was my 2nd time eating at Heavenly and this time … Continue reading Hawaii – Day 5 // Heavenly, Ho’omaluhia Botanical Gardens

Succulent Gardens – Castroville, CA

I finally found some time of make my way down to Castroville to check out Succulent Gardens, which is a specialty succulent and cacti nursery. Yes, my plant obsession is still going strong! So my mom and I made the hour and 17 minute drive down. We got there a little after they opened at … Continue reading Succulent Gardens – Castroville, CA

Makeup Deets.

When I go to work, I typically have on eyebrow pencil, concealer, mascara, highlight, and some bronzer. And instead of always doing a full face beat, I need something that is still fast and easy, but something that shows I care more at least. I know this would be so much easier to explain if … Continue reading Makeup Deets.


After eating our meals we all shared our fortunes and this was mine. Everyone claimed their fortunes were quite mean, but mine was spot on. I’ve been having this itch to just sell almost everything I have and just travel. Of course, I won’t do it, but I’ve had the major travel itch lately.