It’s not “living in fear”

I’ve seen this “Chain letter” going around Facebook about how people are living in fear because of Covid and how we’re going to look back in a few years saying we wasted a whole year of our lives being at home. In my opinion, I didn’t waste a whole year of my life. Yes, I stayed home 95% of the pandemic, but I still had a very fruitful 2020. I got married. I got pregnant. I found my love for baking again. My relationship with my husband is as strong as ever. I’ve been able to declutter. I took up … Continue reading It’s not “living in fear”

27 Weeks.

I’m in my last week of my 2nd trimester and to say I’m not nervous is quite the understatement. Time is flying by and next thing you know it Baby J will be here and I am no where close to feeling prepared. I have an ultrasound next week (two actually) to scan BBJ and see if we might push his due date sooner. I’m still hoping for April 11th, but we’ll see. He’s constantly jabbing me and I feel like he’s trying to parkour in my uterus cause whatever the heck he’s doing in there is uncomfortable. Sometimes painful … Continue reading 27 Weeks.

life update

First thought: once this shelter-in-place is lifted and it is indeed “safe” to go back to normal routines, I need to get my back adjusted by my chiropractor because this discomfort sucks. Second thought: I should probably start taking yoga or something to loosen my joints and muscles because my chronic pain and joint inflammation is no fun. I find myself in constant pain and discomfort. Who knows. Maybe it is because I am sitting around majority of the day and not really moving? I mean, I set up a standing desk for my WFH station, so I thought that … Continue reading life update

The last decade.

Going into 2020, I really have not given it much thought until the past week. To me, it was just another year. Time just seems to go by faster when you are getting older. I started seeing the “10 Year Challenge” on IG and FB where people were posting pictures from 10 years ago and now, as well as posting their decade in review. Then it hit me… HAS IT REALLY BEEN A DECADE? So I figure I should do my own decade review.

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