Big Bottom Market.

Here is a post that I started to write the week that we came back from AutoCamp, which was a month ago. And by “started to write” I meant I wrote the title of this post, hit save and closed it. I have the case of the lazies. […]


While on our way to Guerneville and hitting some traffic, we decided to stop by Lagunitas to stretch out our legs and grab a beer. Plus, they have a dog-friendly patio so sign us up! The front patio when you first walk in is self-seating so we found […]


There are some days that I would like to turn off my Facebook “On This Day” notifications. I do like to be reminded of the good ol’ days, but some of my Facebook wall posts from a decade ago can be cringe worthy. Anyways, last year around this […]

Acai Bowl.

I am really trying to perfect my acai bowl recipe. Every time I make it I am always changing someone about it, whether it is changing up how many bananas I put in. Or the yogurt, or berries. Something is always changing. I wanted something sweet to eat […]

Açaí Nice Cream.

Coming back from a “vacation” (whether its a weekend get away or a long haul) getting back to my daily routine can sometimes be a bit challenging, which is probably why I can’t muster enough strength and will power in me to go to the gym (but that’s […]

The Press.

My sister and Jeff scheduled a couple of wedding venue tours since they were in town. We had a couple of appointments booked on Friday, and we had some time between our 1st stop and 2nd, so we stopped by The Press in Pleasanton to grab some brunch. […]

Makeup Deets.

When I go to work, I typically have on eyebrow pencil, concealer, mascara, highlight, and some bronzer. And instead of always doing a full face beat, I need something that is still fast and easy, but something that shows I care more at least. I know this would […]

Easter Egg Hunt

Celebrating Easter is not something my family typically does together. Each family will go to church, but we don’t do a big Easter egg hunt or anything. Most often, my older cousins will take their kids out of town (usually Disneyland). This year was going to be just […]

Vegan Agave Lavender.

After running errands the other day, I was craving something sweet. At first, I wanted to get some Philz Coffee (Iced Ecstatic with medium sugar and cream). Then I thought about the Vegan Ice Cream at Nature’s Microcreamery and Soul Cafe so we headed to Niles. The weather was […]