It was August 2009 when my boyfriend at the time and I decided to get a dog. We both loved English Bulldog puppies, and when we found a breeder in Morgan Hill, we contacted them for more information regarding the puppies they had. At first, we wanted an […]

Day 7 – Ueno Park and Zoo

Surprisingly we did not wake up too early, but we did wake up early enough for breakfast! So we threw on some sweats and made our way downstairs for the breakfast buffet. The buffet consisted of: an egg station; pancakes and waffles with a variety of toppings; breads […]

Day 6 – Osaka to Tokyo

If we didn’t drink so much the night before, we could’ve explored Osaka more before we left to go to Tokyo. There was still the Osaka castle to see, and the aquarium. Unfortunately, sake got the best of us and we were on the struggle bus the morning […]

Day 4 – Kyōto, Japan

Since we went to sleep pretty early, we both woke up pretty early. Unable to go back to sleep, we went to the gym for about 30 minutes to get in a quick workout. I just stayed on the treadmill while T was in the weights room. Of […]

Day 3 – Nara, Japan

Since we fell asleep pretty early our first night in Japan, we woke up pretty early (about 6am). Both considerably hungry, we decided to order room service and settled for the American Continental Breakfast (which included: eggs, sausage, ham, a basket of pastries/bread, coffee or juice, water, yogurt […]

JR Pass and Pocket WiFi

If you are planning on traveling to Japan anytime soon, I highly recommend getting a JR Pass and a Pocket WiFi because these are basically a lifesaver and made traveling so much easier for us. What is a JR Pass? A JR Pass is for foreigners who are […]