Day 4 – Kyōto, Japan

Since we went to sleep pretty early, we both woke up pretty early. Unable to go back to sleep, we went to the gym for about 30 minutes to get in a quick workout. I just stayed on the treadmill while T was in the weights room. Of course this trip to the gym was … Continue reading Day 4 – Kyōto, Japan

Day 3 – Nara, Japan

Since we fell asleep pretty early our first night in Japan, we woke up pretty early (about 6am). Both considerably hungry, we decided to order room service and settled for the American Continental Breakfast (which included: eggs, sausage, ham, a basket of pastries/bread, coffee or juice, water, yogurt with mochi, and a salad). It was … Continue reading Day 3 – Nara, Japan

Day 1 and 2 – Traveling to Osaka, Japan

My dad dropped us off at SFO and thus started our trip to Osaka, Japan! We got to the airport a little under 2 hours before our flight. Having United Club passes, we tried to get in, but the club was full, so we walked the terminal to get something to eat before our dreaded … Continue reading Day 1 and 2 – Traveling to Osaka, Japan

JR Pass and Pocket WiFi

If you are planning on traveling to Japan anytime soon, I highly recommend getting a JR Pass and a Pocket WiFi because these are basically a lifesaver and made traveling so much easier for us. What is a JR Pass? A JR Pass is for foreigners who are traveling to Japan with the status "Temporary … Continue reading JR Pass and Pocket WiFi

Paris: Day Four.

Our last full day in Paris. Since Musee d'Orsay and Musee du Louvre were closed for a week due to the rising water level of the Seine and flooding in Paris, they were finally opening... on our last day. First stop: Musee d'Orsay. After Musee d'Orsay, we walked towards Angelina for lunch. Angelina was the … Continue reading Paris: Day Four.

Paris: Day Three.

The first thing on our itinerary for Day 3 was... EIFFEL TOWER!!! Actually, it was trying to figure out how to get to the Eiffel Tower. We took the Metro and instead of jumping onto another train, we decided to walk from the station to the Eiffel Tower and I didn't realize we had a 15 … Continue reading Paris: Day Three.