Plant Mail – Succulents By Vee.

At the end of May, I participated in @succulentsbyvee's presale on instagram. What she would do is post pictures of the items she will be selling and whoever comments "SOLD" in the comments section will get the item. She noted that the pictures were not of the actual plants being sold, but pictures of what … Continue reading Plant Mail – Succulents By Vee.

Propagating Succulents – pt.2

  How exciting !! Some of my propagated leaves are sprouting roots! These pictures were taken on June 23rd. I took the leaves off my Graptoveria Moonglow on June 5th and the Graptoveria Fred Ives on June 9th. Both sets of leaves were immediately placed of a bed of pumice from @sexysucculents_ or General Pumice … Continue reading Propagating Succulents – pt.2

Plant Mail – Atlas Succulent Co

Whoever said #plantmailisthebestmail wasn’t lying! OK… maybe not the BEST mail, but it sure is up there! Last week, while browsing on my succulent IG feed, I noticed @atlassucculentco was having a sale, so of course I started adding everything in my cart and the impulse buyer in me ended up making a purchase! All … Continue reading Plant Mail – Atlas Succulent Co

How to: Remove Hard Water Stains on Succulents.

I recently came across this Echeveria Black Prince at Plant and Pottery Outlet in Sunol. He was in a 4" pot and was being sold for $4.99 (I think) so of course I bought him. He was covered in hard water stains and I couldn't figure out how to remove them, so I turned to … Continue reading How to: Remove Hard Water Stains on Succulents.

Propagating Succulents pt.1

As you may know, my love for succulent is back... and stronger than ever! I've made my little work station outside, made shelves out of wood and cinder blocks, bought a mini greenhouse, and spent way too much money on plants knowing damn well I do NOT have a green thumb. Most of my day … Continue reading Propagating Succulents pt.1

Wine & Wags Livermore 2018

Livermore Valley's dog-friendly wineries held a special event on June 3rd called Wine & Wags where they partnered up with local rescues and hosted dogs and their owners! I thought this event was awesome and we had to show our support to Love & Second Chances as they were at Garre! Our first stop of … Continue reading Wine & Wags Livermore 2018

Succulent Gardens – Castroville, CA

I finally found some time of make my way down to Castroville to check out Succulent Gardens, which is a specialty succulent and cacti nursery. Yes, my plant obsession is still going strong! So my mom and I made the hour and 17 minute drive down. We got there a little after they opened at … Continue reading Succulent Gardens – Castroville, CA

Lake Tahoe – West Shore | Chamber’s Landing part 2

Since Chamber's Landing is such a short walk from the cabin, we decided to head back for more beach and punch! This time the dock and beach were less crowded than the day before. We learned that for an extra $1.00, we can update the floater on the punch, so this time I got a … Continue reading Lake Tahoe – West Shore | Chamber’s Landing part 2

Lake Tahoe – King’s Beach | Stateline Lookout Trail

On our second day in Tahoe, we decided to head out to King's Beach for breakfast. We found King's Cafe on the main road, which was basically across the street from King's Beach. they had seating outside, which was dog-friendly, which is the reason why we went. We ordered: Tahoe Queen ($10) - Smoked turkey, … Continue reading Lake Tahoe – King’s Beach | Stateline Lookout Trail