Pitaya Smoothie Bowl.

While making my smoothie bowl, my mom decided to look up the benefits of dragon fruit. Apparently they: Aid in digestion Reduces risk of cancer Boosts immune system Helps prevent cardiovascular diseases Rich in antibacterial and antifungal properties Helps to improve rate of metabolism Sounds good to me! […]

Acai Bowl.

Another day another acai bowl. This time I decided to add my protein powder, which personally I didn’t enjoy as much. Maybe it’s because the vanilla flavor overtook the natural fruit flavors? Smoothie: – 3 frozen bananas – 1 teaspoon flax seed – 1 frozen Acai smoothie packet […]

Pho VN.

It was a cool Monday early afternoon and lunch was creeping up. You can see the clouds starting to roll in so soup sounded great. L was telling me about this pho place that’s near her place in Union City and why turn down a great bowl of […]

Camp BC.

While looking for a hotel to stay up in Tahoe last year, I came across Basecamp Hotel and I thought it was super cute, so I started following them on social media. That’s when I found out about Camp BC. According to their website, they described Camp BC […]

International Smoke.

We came in with high expectations for the food… which were not met. We made reservations at Michael Mina and Ayesha Curry’s restaurant International Smoke in December, and yes, it was pretty much fully booked until March. The restaurant opened at 5pm for dinner on a Sunday and […]

Pitaya Smoothie Bowl.

This bowl was super pink and I accidentally spilled it on my white faux fur blanket. Anyways, I happened upon some dragon fruit while browsing Whole Foods and decided to grab one. The dragon fruit were being sold of $7.99 a pound. The small tangerine-sized red flesh dragon […]

K-Town BBQ.

I am always craving Asian food, and in particular Korean food. T wanted to take me to dinner before he had to go to work, so we went to K-Town BBQ in Newark. For Korean BBQ, we always go to Gen so we decided to try a new […]

Pitaya Smoothie Bowl.

If you haven’t already figured out by now, I am on a serious smoothie bowl kick. As soon as I get home and I change out of my work clothes, I go into the kitchen and make one. It’s becoming a habit (and I need to make going […]

Coconut Bowls + Matcha Smoothie Bowl.

Browsing through Instagram I came across Coconut Bowls and I automatically thought “My smoothie bowls and nice cream needs one!” So I bought the Coco Combo, which comes with 1 original coconut bowl, 1 natural coconut bowl, and matching wooden spoons and forks. This bundle was $39.99. Standard shipping […]