Camp BC – Arts & Crafts.

Our second Arts & Crafts session we made Felt Pennants. We were provided with the felt pennant and felt for our letters/decorations, as well as premade words that fit the pennants perfectly. I opted to made an "Adventure" pennant because of one of my favorite quotes : What is life but one grand adventure. Not … Continue reading Camp BC – Arts & Crafts.

Camp BC – Do Stuff.

The second half of our Drink Coffee Do Stuff activity was a snowshoe hike up Van Sickle Bi State Park. We were going to hike up and look for the waterfall. S and I met up with Jess at the parking lot behind the Raley's on Lake Tahoe Blvd. I had quite the difficult time … Continue reading Camp BC – Do Stuff.

Camp BC – Drink Coffee.

Sunday morning we signed up for Drink Coffee Do Stuff. The first half of this activity was Coffee 101. Before the presentation, we grabbed donuts from Glazed & Confuzed. I tried the Cookie Monster, which is their Plain Jane blue vanilla icing donut topped with chocolate chip cookies. It was a tasty donut. Definitely sweeter … Continue reading Camp BC – Drink Coffee.

Camp BC – Communal Dinner 1.

Before dinner, we decided to go to the Hideaway Bar, which is the bar located in the lobby, and grabbed beers using our drink token. I opted for the High Water Campfire Stout. So good! I've been on a stout kick lately. Apparently, High Water Brewing brews this beer with graham crackers and molasses to … Continue reading Camp BC – Communal Dinner 1.

Camp BC – Arts & Crafts.

One of the activities offered at Camp BC was good ol' Arts & Crafts! Personally, I like doing Arts & Crafts projects. It's fun being able to use your imagination using some materials to make something creative! For our first Arts & Crafts project we made Shibori Dyed Bandannas and Friendship Bracelets. Shibori is a Japanese … Continue reading Camp BC – Arts & Crafts.

Sprouts Cafe.

Due to some dietary restrictions, S couldn't eat meat this weekend. We came across Sprouts Cafe on Yelp and while leaving Lakeview Commons. Let's just say, we enjoyed our sandwiches so much, we came back the next day. Over the course of the weekend, I was able to try two sandwiches: Massive Avocado & Cream … Continue reading Sprouts Cafe.

South Lake Tahoe.

We had yoga scheduled at 8am Saturday morning as our first Camp BC activity. Unfortunately, we slept in considering it took us 11 hours to get in and we didn't get quite settled into our room until around midnight. A little bummed we missed yoga; but I enjoyed staying in bed for a little while … Continue reading South Lake Tahoe.

Camp BC – Day 1.

Driving up to Tahoe on Friday from the East Bay was a nightmare! What is usually a 4.5 hour drive turned to 11 hours (we left Union city at 1pm) ! It took over 7 hours to move 32 miles, and majority of that we were idling on the side of the road with no … Continue reading Camp BC – Day 1.

Pitaya Smoothie Bowl.

While making my smoothie bowl, my mom decided to look up the benefits of dragon fruit. Apparently they: Aid in digestion Reduces risk of cancer Boosts immune system Helps prevent cardiovascular diseases Rich in antibacterial and antifungal properties Helps to improve rate of metabolism Sounds good to me! I wish Costco carried the frozen pitaya … Continue reading Pitaya Smoothie Bowl.