Just breathe…

You guys, I go back to work tomorrow… and I am not ready. Far beyond ready actually. I haven’t been at work since the 23rd of May, which was a month ago !! But it doesn’t feel like a month. Honestly, it feels like I was just at work on Friday. But no, it was a month ago. Everyone keeps telling me it’s going to be fine. Just ease my way back in. But I already know that is not going to be the case. I am going to come back to 1000+ emails and God knows how many voicemails… … Continue reading Just breathe…

Snowboarding at Dodge Ridge

My cousins invited T and I to go snowboarding with them at Dodge Ridge, which is located near Yosemite in a city called Pinecrest. The drive to my cousins’ timeshare was about an hour and a half from the East Bay in a small town called Angel’s Camp. The drive was pretty easy, since it was towards Stockton and we didn’t run into any snow on our drive, which was nice since we were driving at night.

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Napa Wine Train // Raymond Vineyards

As a quick staycation, a couple of girlfriends and I decided to head over to Napa. It’s pretty much the midpoint for us (Sheena is in Sacramento and Sirena, Lisa, and I are in the East Bay). We decided to do one of the Napa Wine Train tours and have a spa day at The Lodge Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa (our hotel). The wine tour we chose included a shuttle out to Raymond Vineyards and then the Wine Train for lunch back to the Wine Train station.

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