Jamaica – Day 4 // Yaaman!

We had another early pick up to go to our 2nd excursion, which was at Yaaman! where we had the Dirt Buggy Wet and Wild Tour. Yaaman! was pretty close to our hotel. I recall being in the little bus thing for about 15 minutes or so. We were told to be dressed in clothing that … Continue reading Jamaica – Day 4 // Yaaman!


Hawaii – Day 4 // Ko Olina, Aulani

For our last full day in Hawaii, our moms had massages in the morning at our hotel, so Sheena and I went to the Royal Hawaiian, which is the pink hotel! We wanted to check it out and see all the pretty pink decor. After exploring the hotel, we ended up walking down the beach … Continue reading Hawaii – Day 4 // Ko Olina, Aulani

Lake Tahoe – West Shore | Chamber’s Landing part 2

Since Chamber's Landing is such a short walk from the cabin, we decided to head back for more beach and punch! This time the dock and beach were less crowded than the day before. We learned that for an extra $1.00, we can update the floater on the punch, so this time I got a … Continue reading Lake Tahoe – West Shore | Chamber’s Landing part 2

Lake Tahoe – West Shore | Chamber’s Landing

For Memorial Weekend, we decided to make our way to Tahoe. T's Grammy has a cabin on the West Shore and since we didn't have any plans and no one was going to be in the cabin, we thought this would be a perfect time to go! We made the 4 hour trek to Tahoe … Continue reading Lake Tahoe – West Shore | Chamber’s Landing

Hawaii: Day 6.

The day started off gloomy. Of course, I couldn't stay in bed past 7am. The other two were still sleeping, so I just went out to our balcony to watch the surfers surf, people claim their spots on the beach and pool chairs by the pool. As soon as I heard the other girls get … Continue reading Hawaii: Day 6.

Hawaii: Day 5.

When we woke up in the morning, all of us were burnt. NO seriously, we were burnt to a crisp. My whole body was hurting. We decided, as our last full day in Hawaii, we were going to take it easy. Plus, Lisa had to attend a wedding up in the North Shore, so Mary … Continue reading Hawaii: Day 5.

Hawaii: Day Four.

My nose was sunburned, but that didn't stop us from going to Ko Olina! We headed towards Ko Olina, which is on the west coast on Oahu, but stopped by Honolulu Kitchen off Ferrington Hwy for some fried manapuas. It's like a dense beignet and filled with yummy goodness. I couldn't make up my mind … Continue reading Hawaii: Day Four.

Hawaii: Day Two.

Rise and shine, but first coffee. We decided to spend our first full day in Hawaii at the North Shore. We figured Friday would be less busy than the weekend, so we made the 45-minute trek to Haleiwa. Since our car was a convertible, we decided that we should drive with the top down and … Continue reading Hawaii: Day Two.

Hawaii: Day One.

Our flight to Hawaii was at 9am. We were flying Hawaiian Airlines out of Oakland to Honolulu. It was my first time flying Hawaiian as I usually fly United going to Hawaii. The flight was ok despite it being 6 hours long (I always thought it was a 5 hour flight). We were served some … Continue reading Hawaii: Day One.