Kettlebar Steam Cooking

We took a Lyft to Anaheim Packing House to have some dinner because we wanted something more filling than what we could’ve had at the parks. I really wanted a pan roast from Kettlebar so that’s where we went. We were seated at the bar off to the side where they cook the food and I enjoyed watching them cook. It reminded me of Oyster Bar in Vegas.

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Dinner Date Night.

The last couple of nights babe and I have been eating at home, which is always a nice alternative. We get to be home and in our comfy clothes while I get to try out some new recipes. Last night it was steaks and taters! I got 2 16oz Boneless Ribeyes at Whole Foods and seasoned them with some ground black pepper and pink Himalayan salt. Then I left the steaks rest to bring them closer to room temperature while the oven was preheating at 275 degrees Fahrenheit. The steaks were place on a rack that was them placed on … Continue reading Dinner Date Night.