Makeup Deets // Friendcation.

I've used my Friendcation palette from the Dose of Colors Desi x Katy collection a couple of times but I only used the mattes so today I decided to play with the blue color. Actually, my original thought was to come up with a look using the Huda Beauty Sapphire Palette, but I ended up … Continue reading Makeup Deets // Friendcation.


Makeup Deets

I've been on a green eyeshadow kick lately and ever since I bought the Melt Cosmetics Gemini Palette, I've been trying to find an excuse to do my makeup (and I feel bad because I am neglecting all of my other palettes). Also, it doesn't help that I am rarely using makeup these days (just … Continue reading Makeup Deets

Makeup Deets // Melt Cosmetics – Gemini Palette.

Have my green palette dreams been answered? Yes !! I mean, I can still go for an Urban Decay Jungle Palette, but I absolutely LOVE the Melt Cosmetics Gemini Palette !! The pigmentation is amazing! And I feel like the greens in this palette are more wearable than the Huda Beauty Emerald Palette, but that's … Continue reading Makeup Deets // Melt Cosmetics – Gemini Palette.

Makeup // Urban Decay – Born to Run Palette.

I've been wanting a green palette for quite some time now. My girl, Kelsey, and I just want an Urban Decay Naked Jungle Palette already, but until then I'll just buy a shit ton of green makeup. Anyways, here I am playing around with the Urban Decay Born to Run palette. It's such a great … Continue reading Makeup // Urban Decay – Born to Run Palette.

Makeup Deets // Huda Beauty – Amethyst Palette.

I've been buying makeup like crazy the last couple of weeks. Do I need more makeup? Of course not! I am just slightly obsessed and I always tell myself I need another warm toned orange copper palette. So of course, I talked myself into getting the new Huda Beauty Amethyst palette because I don't have … Continue reading Makeup Deets // Huda Beauty – Amethyst Palette.

Makeup Deets.

  The other night I told T that I bought a new light for photographing my plants just because I won't be taking my ring light outside and I needed something more portable. He then tells me that he hasn't seen me use my ring light in a while. I haven't done anything or gone … Continue reading Makeup Deets.

PatrickStarrr x MAC – Floral Realness // Me So Chic.

I find PatrickStarrr to be absolutely inspiring and just an overall AWESOME person. He is not afraid to be himself and I admire him so much. He's so talented and creative. I have nothing but love and respect for my Filipino sisterrr. Ever since PatrickStarrr launched his second collaboration with MAC, I've been debating on … Continue reading PatrickStarrr x MAC – Floral Realness // Me So Chic.

Makeup Deets.

When I go to work, I typically have on eyebrow pencil, concealer, mascara, highlight, and some bronzer. And instead of always doing a full face beat, I need something that is still fast and easy, but something that shows I care more at least. I know this would be so much easier to explain if … Continue reading Makeup Deets.

Makeup Deets.

Face: - Moisturizer: Belief The True Cream - Moisturizing Bomb - Foundation: Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation in 173=Y445 - Concealer: ColourPop No Filter Concealer in Medium Tan 35 - Setting Powder: MAC x Patrick Starrr Patrick's Powder - Setting Spray: Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray Cheeks: - Bronzer: Thrive Cosmetics Sun … Continue reading Makeup Deets.