Jamaica – Day 4 // Yaaman!

We had another early pick up to go to our 2nd excursion, which was at Yaaman! where we had the Dirt Buggy Wet and Wild Tour. Yaaman! was pretty close to our hotel. I recall being in the little bus thing for about 15 minutes or so. We were told to be dressed in clothing that … Continue reading Jamaica – Day 4 // Yaaman!


Jamaica – Day 3 // Chukka River Tubing, Momo’s

We had our first excursion at Chukka: White River Tubing. We were picked up from our hotel and we drove about 30 minutes away. The location was pretty remote and most of the road was narrow that I kept wondering how the big bus behind us was even driving up this thing. Anyways, we all … Continue reading Jamaica – Day 3 // Chukka River Tubing, Momo’s

Jamaica – Day 2 // Margaritaville

For our first full day in Jamaica, we decided to make our way through town towards Margaritaville for some food. We found a guy cutting up some fresh coconuts and adding some alcohol (rum) to the coconut water. Delish! Most of the shops were closed because it was Sunday and everyone was spending time at … Continue reading Jamaica – Day 2 // Margaritaville

Jamaica – Day 1 // Moon Palace Jamaica

First of all, I hate flying. Most people know this about me already. Let's just say I had a panic attack on a short flight to Vegas for my 24th birthday and since then it's been no bueno for me. I'm just terrified. The fact that flying to Jamaica was going to mean experiencing another … Continue reading Jamaica – Day 1 // Moon Palace Jamaica