Day 6: ATV, Ziplining, and Cave Swimming

  We did this Mayan jungle ATV/ Zip line tour which was a ton of fun, but with one drawback… the mosquitoes! So early in the morning, we were picked up to be driven about 45 minutes out. We were told that because the villagers get their water supply from the cenote (natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath) and cave, we cannot have any sunblock or bug spray. Anyways, we started off getting on ATVs. T drove me around which was nice. HOWEVER. This guy would purposefully slow down just to … Continue reading Day 6: ATV, Ziplining, and Cave Swimming

Day 3: Xcaret

  Day 3 started off by us waking up super early and having room service breakfast. We got a lot of bacon and sausages which was pretty nice. Also, we had to pack up all our stuff because we were moving hotels. We started our trip at The Grand, but decided to move over to Sunrise just because service there was better there, nicer vibe, and the pool was nicer. T’s dad wasn’t feeling all that well, so he sat our adventure to Xcaret out. When it was time to head out of Xcaret, we rented a van and T … Continue reading Day 3: Xcaret

Day 2: Swimming with Danny the Dolphin

Our 2nd day in Cancun consisted of sleeping in and having the chance to swim with a dolphin! Before we left, T and I stayed in the room and watched B while his parents took a tour of the new resort. After their meeting, we took a chartered bus from the resort to where we were going to swim with a dolphin. Danny the Dolphin was the absolute cutest! And so smart 🙂 T and I commented on how we thought it was cute how Danny would always close his eyes during the photos. After we got out of the … Continue reading Day 2: Swimming with Danny the Dolphin