Country Girl, Shake it For Me

We went to the Luke Bryan concert at Shoreline on Saturday. As soon as we walked in, we went straight to the bar. Who did we see, T’s boss, who then gave us 2 mixed drinks and shots, we already had our own mixed drinks. Anyways, the concert was a lot of fun. I love seeing Luke Bryan in concert! He’s always a lot of fun. Can’t wait for next year! Continue reading Country Girl, Shake it For Me

Color Factory.

Yesterday we went to Color Factory in SF. Color Factory is a Pop-Up exhibit/ experience that focuses on different colors. I managed to grab a couple of tickets for Color Factory, so it was me, T, his buddies R & J, and then S & S went, too. We started our day at Golden Gate Tap Room for some beer/drinks before heading to Color Factory since we got into SF kind of early. After a couple of beers and a shot to start our day, we were off to Color Factory. Our start time was 12:30, but they let us … Continue reading Color Factory.

Mom Jeans.

Yo, I love my Mom Jeans (but not as much as I love this dude right here). Me: “Babe, do you like my Mom Jeans?” T: “Yeah! Does the waist band stretch too?” Me: “They’re Mom Jeans… not maternity pants!” These are by far my favorite jeans that I currently own. I bought them from Urban Outfitters. They are the BDG Mom Jeans! I think they are the perfect Mom Jeans and everyone should own a pair. Continue reading Mom Jeans.

Portland – Our “3 Day” Itinerary

We just got back from spending almost 3 days in Portland. We got to experience rainy, overcast, and sunny Portland. We definitely had more on our To-Do list, but because of the weather and lack of sleep our itinerary was cut short, but we still enjoyed our time! Saturday We flew in from SFO just before 11am. We took the MAX Red Line from the Airport towards City Center & Beaverton and got off at Gateway to switch onto the Max Green Line towards City Center/PSU where we got off at SW 5th & Oak (our hotel was around the … Continue reading Portland – Our “3 Day” Itinerary


26 never looked so good! Yesterday we celebrated T’s birthday with his family and best friend at his usual birthday spot, Mission Pizza in Fremont. First of all, their pizza is BOMB. There’s something about the actual pizza dough and crust that just makes it amazing. Their combo is a winner, for sure. Second, they have a great beer selection. Great food with great people 🙂 When we celebrated T’s birthday at home, he was struggling with his one candle, so his mom thought it would be funny to buy him trick candles. That was pretty funny because almost everyone … Continue reading HBD, T!

Museum of Ice Cream SF

Yesterday we got to check out the Museum of Ice Cream. Last minute, we drove to SF (instead of taking BART) and got to SF. We walked around for a bit and got a couple of drinks to pass the time before our 12:30p time slot. P was running late, but she was able to catch up with us inside. When you first get into the museum you’re grouped with about 10 people and you head downstairs where you find a bunch of Ice Cream facts. Then we go to the Ice Cream vault. Since the building used to be … Continue reading Museum of Ice Cream SF

Dinner Date Night.

The last couple of nights babe and I have been eating at home, which is always a nice alternative. We get to be home and in our comfy clothes while I get to try out some new recipes. Last night it was steaks and taters! I got 2 16oz Boneless Ribeyes at Whole Foods and seasoned them with some ground black pepper and pink Himalayan salt. Then I left the steaks rest to bring them closer to room temperature while the oven was preheating at 275 degrees Fahrenheit. The steaks were place on a rack that was them placed on … Continue reading Dinner Date Night.

Day 4: Spa Day

So Day 4 of our Mexico trip was our Spa Day. Unfortunately, I do not have any photos at the spa. Our night was very sleepless. Both T and I woke up from nightmares. I actually woke up crying. Probably one of the worst dreams I ever had. But that’s a different story and I don’t want to get into detail. Basically I had a dream about my sister and it was just hellish. ANYWAYS! Our morning was sort of rushed. T’s parents had this massages first so they left, which meant they left B with us. We got ready … Continue reading Day 4: Spa Day