Paris: Day Four.

Our last full day in Paris. Since Musee d’Orsay and Musee du Louvre were closed for a week due to the rising water level of the Seine and flooding in Paris, they were finally opening… on our last day. First stop: Musee d’Orsay. After Musee d’Orsay, we walked towards Angelina for lunch. Angelina was the only “food” place I really wanted to go to and all I really wanted was their hot chocolate lol.   We ordered the Tartare de boeuf charolais au couteau facon Angelina (which is the Angelina hand-cut beef tartare, french fries, and mesclun salad). The beef … Continue reading Paris: Day Four.


I should probably update my blog more often… I am pretty sure I won’t, but it never hurts to try… Anyways. Let’s go ahead and update y’all. And by y’all, it’s probably just you… I mean… Me. Let’s be honest here. I am the only one that reads this thing… About 2 weeks ago my doctor changed up my medication and OMG this new change has done WONDERS for me !! I feel so much more, normal? Of course, one of the medications is still messing with my mood swings, but all in all, the symptoms have mellowed down. Now … Continue reading Update.

Floods and High Surf !?

Apparently, Hawaii  is on a High Surf advisory. Last night they had some huge waves that caused some damage and flooding in the North Shore. Not really something you want to hear 2 days before your trip. Being the MacGyver that I am, I turned Google and began looking up weather and road conditions and closures. So far, we’re good. Some showers here and there, but nothing that will ruin our trip… hopefully. Let’s keep our fingers crossed! Continue reading Floods and High Surf !?

Hawaii Countdown Begins…

The countdown to Hawaii has begun. In 3 days I’ll be saying Aloha to Oahu once again. Oh, how I can’t wait for the blue waters, 80 degree weather, and yummy food. Ok, let’s be real here. I’m most excited about the food. How I’ve been dreaming about Ono Seafood’s Spicy Ahi Tuna Poke for 3 years. *mouth waters*

This trip I am going with Lisa and one of her work friends, Mary. Mary’s never been to Oahu before, so we definitely need to bring her to all the “Go-To” places, as well as discover new things together. Where to begin!?  Continue reading “Hawaii Countdown Begins…”